Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical service like?

I tailor my services to meet the needs of my customers and clients.

How often are coaching sessions conducted?

Our sessions are conducted weekly with meetings lasting around an hour.

What are your hours of work?

Typically hours of work are 12-8pm to fit with working parents and teens in education though we would always work with you.

What are the benefits of working with you?

Apart from working with a team that have absolute belief in the changes teens can make to have a positive impact on their future, you also get so much more.

There are so many benefits to teens such as:

  • It helps with communication and confidence
  • It will help you with goals and becoming more focused
  • You will identify limiting beliefs
  • It will help with academic skills
  • It will help with organisational skills
  • It will help overcome fears
  • It will help identify your passion and career direction
  • It will help you with life skills
  • You will learn to ‘dream big’
  • It can connect you with others (on group programs)
Is it possible to have one single coaching session?

Coaching is not meant to be a quick fix and while a single session may result in a breakthrough the lasting change almost always occurs when a program is completed. We understand that fit is extremely important and so offer discovery sessions to see if the fit is there for us both.

I’m not sure my teen has time. How much extra work will coaching take?

Coaching is about growth and approaching work, responsibilities and challenges in a different way so there is no homework the work we do is on mindset.  The coaching sessions are spread out to give the teen time to think about the concepts learnt and try it out in different areas of their life.

I’m not sure my teen would see a coach. How would you approach this?

Explain that top performers from professional athletes to people in businesses all work with coaches.  We simply help people get to where they want to go by working with concepts that will most definitely have a positive impact on his life now and in the future.

Can you help with finding placements and college applications?

Yes, we give teens the tools they need to approach the college application process with less stress and more confidence.  As a result, you have a teen that feels empowered and is clear on the direction they are taking.

What do you cover in your coaching programs?

It depends on the individual.

Each session is tailored but we touch on thinking and learning styles, motivation, communication skills, relationship skills, recognizing limiting beliefs, changing habits, pinpointing passion, identifying strengths, and clarity around what’s next, avoiding overwhelm and social skills.

Join us in our exclusive venue for an experience you will remember for the rest of your lives.


Our retreats are pioneering, guaranteed to be fun, are transformative and will help young adults authentically connect with their peers. 

This retreat is an opportunity for young people to feel empowered when making career choices; this will be achieved by helping them explore extracurricular activities in a stimulating learning environment. 

We will cover: Mindset ,Team BuildingSports, Employability Skills, Leadership, Goals
Money Management 

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